What are the benefits of AHPWI Membership?

  • Networking with the Hospitality Professionals across the country.
  • Access to Research, Surveys, Knowledge Papers, Press Releases about the Hospitality & Tourism.
  • Participation Awards, Rewards Legal Assistance , Exhibitions, Trade Fairs, Conferences, Seminars.
  • A platform to assist in framing economic & Hospitality & Tourism policies through close linkage with the Government & states.
  • As a AHPWI member you get connected to a world of opportunities. We assist you in forming good networks and partnerships with corporate Hospitality & Tourism, majors and institutions across the globe. As consultative partners in policy making we channelize your inputs in economic and industrial policy frameworks.

AHPWI has close relations with the Government & State with all levels – Center and state and various Ministries. AHPWI proactive and inclusive approach focuses on empowering enterprises and raising competitiveness across Hospitality & Tourism sectors.